LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Crypto Artist Lana Denina joins the UCLAxOpen Blockchain Seminar Series for a “live conversation” about her aesthetic and inspiration for art and NFT success in the digital art world, and how blockchain technology made it possible. Denina’s works combine painting and digital art, and her “Mona Lana Collection” includes 500 unique portraits of women, each of which was generated by code with 112 different traits designed by the artist. The Blockchain NFT webinar takes place from 12 noon to 1:30 pm (PST) on August 31, 2022 via Zoom, at no cost.

The interview with Denina explores her unique approach and support for representation of people of color in contemporary art, as well as building and sustaining a community around her NFT project. Denina has stated, “one Mona Lana is owning a lifetime membership of my art, being part of a community helping other artists and empowering women in tech.” The interview delves into Ethereum, OpenSea, smart contracts, and other topics related to how digital artists can leverage blockchain.

“Where Web 2.0 failed, Web 3.0 is stepping up, in a big way, embracing the internet’s egalitarian bent and empowering individual users to be the architects of their success,” says Robert Mowry, UCLAxOpen Blockchain Seminar series host, and expert instructor. “Decentralized social media seeks to deliver an armament of tools for an army of content creators to self-sustain on the strength of their talents.”

Disruption arrived in the art world when a montage of art turned into an NFT by the digital artist Beeple sold for more than $69 million at a Christie’s online auction in 2021. Art NFTs transactions and authenticity are recorded and tracked on the blockchain after their initial sale. The tracking allows for a perpetual royalty to creators with Ethereum as the leading blockchain to sell crypto art and other media (gifs, memes, tweets, avatars, video, music, etc) as NFTs.

Join the UCLAxOpen Blockchain NFT seminar featuring Lana Denina on August 31st via Zoom, at no cost. Registration is required, reserve your space here. For more information, email et@uclaextension.edu or call 310-825-4100.


About Lana Denina

Lana Denina is a Montreal-based painter of Beninese and French origin. Her art explores human relationships, morphological diversity, and body movements. Combining digital art and painting, Denina illustrates different cultures with a unique and personal approach. https://www.lanadenina.com/exhibition

About Robert Mowry

Robert Mowry has extensive experience in the blockchain technology space. He is currently a partner at the Altcoin Accelerator, a Los Angeles-based blockchain innovation studio. A software developer by profession, he is deeply passionate about blockchain technology, its governance, transparency, cybersecurity, coding education, cryptography, crowdfunding, and intellectual property. Mowry is a regular speaker at Los Angeles Blockchain Summit. His upcoming book, Decentralized Social Media: Delivering Value Creators Deserve comes out in September 2022.

About UCLAxOpen

UCLAxOpen offers no-cost personal enrichment and professional development online seminars every quarter. The seminars present timely topics on current issues in short and flexible formats. The Blockchain Seminar Series examines the next iteration of the internet with blockchain as its bedrock, and building an understanding of the precepts. The series dives into important blockchain topics (NFT’s, cryptocurrency, tokens, Bitcoin, Ethereum, hashing, smart contracts, Web3, Metaverse, etc.). To find more NFT seminars in August, view the full selection here. UCLAxOpen seminars are open access education for all.

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