A collaboration between UCLA Extension and Google will provide no-cost skills training, professional development and support services for adults from underserved communities.

Through the collaboration, UCLA Extension will offer accessible, online and on-demand trainings from Grow with Google on subjects including data analytics, IT support, project management, computer automation using the Python programming language and user experience design.

The new program will integrate Grow with Google career certificates into the UCLAxCareerBridge program, giving students access to top online training with the added benefits of individualized student support services. The initiative will launch in 2023.

“The Google programs complement UCLA Extension’s values of inclusive access to education, building equity and providing career paths for those in underserved communities,” said Eric Bullard, dean of UCLA Extension. “We look forward to seeing what our students will accomplish with the skills they attain through Grow with Google career certificates and UCLAxCareerBridge’s personalized support services.”

UCLAxCareerBridge launched in 2021, initially funded by a $2.9 million grant from the state of California. Intended to serve a broad cross-section of Californians, including those who might not be able to otherwise afford UCLA Extension programs, its mission is to provide students with skills training for careers that are in high demand. The program also offers academic advising, job placement and other career services. UCLAxCareerBridge and the new collaboration with Google both expand upon UCLA’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Prospective students should email careerbridge@uclaextension.edu for more information and details on program qualifications.