UCLA Extension is committed to removing barriers to higher education in Los Angeles and beyond, and with UCLAxOpen that means access to personal enrichment and professional development at zero cost.

If you’re taking the first steps toward a career change or just thinking about trying something new, UCLAxOpen is a perfect way to get started. With dozens of free online courses and seminars to choose from, there’s something for everybody. Here are seven ideas to get you started:

This course for beginning writers creates space to slow down and transform daily moments into captivating short fiction. Led by instructor Sehba Sarwar, students can learn the methods and form of very short fiction, discovering techniques to capture readers' attention and convey meaning with few words.

Career progress is a team effort. In this seminar, you’ll discover the process of building a network of colleagues, mentors and others who can help you pursue your professional goals.

Geared toward beginning and intermediate writers of poetry – and those curious about how to get started – this course will cover the basic characteristics of modern poetry and help you better understand the ingredients of creating your own memorable and impactful poems.

Most organizations today recognize the power of data in making smarter, more informed decisions. But fostering a data-driven culture in business can sometimes get bogged down by the “language barrier” between data professionals and the C-suite. Discover key steps toward bridging them in this one-day course.

This free seminar series presents a variety of topics in the revolutionary new space of blockchain technology, such as crypto, NFTs and more. Our upcoming seminar features an industry expert discussion with UCLA Extension instructors Robert Mowry, Alex Nascimento and Lucy Hakobyan.

Uncover the secrets behind the mesmerizing world of TV series creation in the role of a TV showrunner. This course aims to demystify how showrunners balance creativity with fiscal responsibility, and provide insight on TV series development, team management and more.

Lifelong learners aged 50 and up can enroll in this course on the history of westward expansion from the American Revolution through the 1850s. Instructor Richard Bell will guide students through one of the most significant periods of transformation in American infrastructure and information technology, focusing on the boom in new technologies that seeded that change.


Didn’t see something that’s right for you? See the full list of currently available UCLAxOpen courses and seminars online – and don’t forget to check in frequently for updates. New UCLAxOpen programming comes online throughout the academic year.