This article is adapted from the UCLAx magazine spring 2024 issue.

The inaugural issue of UCLAx Magazine wouldn’t be complete if our current students didn’t have their say. So, on one recent wintery late afternoon, our intrepid communications team staked out the Gayley Center to ask passing students how they found community at UCLA Extension. 

Here’s what they had to say:


“UCLA Extension is really good at building community. At the beginning of the quarter when you arrive they bring everyone together to meet, which is cool because as a new student and as a foreigner it can be hard to meet people. They made it as smooth as possible.” 

Giulia Salvatore, Digital Marketing


“I like the teachers and my classmates here, so everything is good. I meet people in class and there are also clubs where I can meet other students as well.”

Cheng Mao Li, Computer Science


“There’s only eight students in the class, plus the teacher, so it’s a small group and we talk beforehand and get to know each other. I’ve met a friend and we’ve done things outside the class, so I feel a sense of community that way.”

Kimberly Friend, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute


“I’m not a good online student, so I took an in-person course. When I’m alone I can’t get anything done, but when I’m in a class and I have a teacher and people around me, it just motivates me a little more. It’s been great so far.” 

Nick Anderson, Graphic Design